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The Short Form

About This Project

THE SHORT FORM was born out of a habit of cataloging excerpts from short stories we've enjoyed. Every week we make recommendations with an excerpt and a link to where we read them. As a way to talk about the form and discover more stories, we also invite guests to answer questions and share a list of some of their favorite short stories. We hope this website will serve as a fun supplement to your reading habits.

At the moment we select only from published stories, preferably from collections available as books and journals still found in the market.


Currently we read from our personal collection and local libraries. We'd love to hear from literary journals, publishers, and writers interested in having us read their published work:
hello (at) 

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The Team


Sarahana Shrestha


Sarahana is brown and came to New York from Kathmandu, Nepal, the week before 9/11. Everything she knows about hunting is from reading Thomas McGuane. Batman suits are made with a 3D printing machine. Her favorite book is Moby Dick and her favorite music video is “Bad Girls” by M.I.A. 

Sometimes she films bands and writes about philosophy and science.

She likes comedians the best.


Peter Cavanaugh


Peter once saw Vern Fleming at an Applebee's and he still had the price tag on his Pacers hat. He won a pizza eating contest when he was 18, has been punched and has not punched back, and is forever draped with the guilt of keeping his scope narrowed on late 20th-century American male writers. 

He is one-half of Dollar Stories, and writes for various outlets, most of it in the world of fiction in the arena of his bedroom. 

He likes ping-pong.