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The Short Form Interviews

Publishing digitally allows for much greater freedom for translations.

A digital English-Spanish bilingual literary journal.

If I feel crowded by fact, my imagination tends to shut down.

Author of the story collections, The Isle of Youth and What the World Will Look Like When All the Water Leaves Us.

Race and my work are always tied. Maybe if I lived in a city, I wouldn’t think about it as much.

Author of short story collection, Cowboys and East Indians.

Marginalized communities tend to use humor as an armor against hate.

Puerto Rican author of the short story collection, Mundo Cruel.

Outsiders have influence. We change the norm. As a Nigerian writer, I change how English is written.

Nigerian-born author of three novels and a short story collection, News from Home.

Not trading in unexamined clichés turns out to be devilishly hard.

Author of the forthcoming collection, Redeployment, with writing appearing in Granta, the New York Times, Tin House, and Fire and Forget: Short Stories from the Long War.

I find comfort in the idea that we are who we are in the moment and once it passes we may become someone else.

Author of this year's Rose Metal Press short short chapbook contest, The Kind of Girl

Languages differ not so much with regard to what they allow you to express as with regard to what they force you to express.

Award-winning translator of Russian literature, editor of Russian Short Stories from Pushkin to Buida and Russian Magic Tales from Pushkin to Platonov

I sent them a story with a bunch of graphic sex, and it was nowhere near as good, and of course they bought that one.

Ken Baumann (right), founder of Sator Press and author of Solip, guest-interviews Nick Antosca (left), author of upcoming story collection, The Girlfriend Game.

In 2013 saying ‘I don't read my reviews’ is like saying ‘I don't turn when my name is called.’

Author of FUN CAMP, with fiction appearing in Barrelhouse, Mid-American Review, the Collagist, and more.

I remember being told boys are ‘different’ and that's why my brother didn't have to make his bed.

Author of the short story collections Daddy's and DON'T KISS ME (to be released this July).

Regionalism was more on my mind than gender—I didn’t want a book that held up stock conceits about Nevada as being hostile, barren, hard.

Author of story collection, Battleborn, winner of the Story Prize, the New York Public Library Young Lions Fiction Award, and more.

It’s a zigzag. It’s things that don’t work. It’s the next step after the stairs give way. Plot is something I love.

Author of story collection Look! Look! Feathers, and We Are All Good If They Try Hard Enough, a book of poems. He edits NOÖ Journal and runs Magic Helicopter Press.

The magical is sometimes the only way of looking at things that are hard to articulate.

Novelist, poet, and author of story collection, The Rest is Weight. 2012 Sydney Morning Herald Best Young Australian Novelist.

A zombie story will end one of two ways, and my hope was to make the reader forget that there were only those two ways it could end.

Author the short story collection, The Miniature Wife and Other Stories

I thought about the stories in terms of beats, and images, and how one story fades into the next, from the first page to the last.

Author of story collection, Tell Everyone I Said Hi, winner of 2012 John Simmons Short Fiction Award.

It would be worth it to teach the [comedic theory] class again just to hear students argue whether or not rape jokes can ever be funny.

Author of several short shorts, including “Cats with Pitiful Mystiques,” a 2008 Pushcart Prize nominee

Once I attended a Q&A with Stephen King and someone asked him: What scares you? He said, Everything scares me.

Author of story collection Safe As Houses, winner of 2012 Iowa Short Fiction Award, and longlisted for this year's Frank O' Connor award.

I started writing in 1999 and it was a long trek. I wasted a lot of paper.

Author of the story collection, Crimes in Southern Indiana, and the recently released novel, Donnybrook.

“The Oscars boobs song doesn't reengage me with the problem of being a woman in the arts so much as it makes me just change the channel.”

A 2008 National Book Foundation "5 Under 35" honoree, and winner of the Bard Fiction Prize for 2009. Her second novel, Woke Up Lonely, comes out this April.

What’s great about reading a collection start to finish is the accretion of deeper meaning that arises when the stories in a collection start to talk to each other.

Author of story collection, The Agriculture Hall of Fame, winner of the Juniper Prize in Fiction.

If the important thing in the story is that the reader finds her attractive, then you let the reader decide in what way she is attractive.

Argentinian author of two award-winning story collections in Spanish, and one of Granta's Best Young Spanish-Language Novelists.

What I’ve learned from the first book is that it’s also a privilege to write for yourself.

Author of story collection, The Loudest Sound and Nothing, and winner of BBC National Short Story Award for “The Numbers”

The funny thing is, the sex I write about and the sex depicted in “Girls” is never meaningless.

Author of short story collection, Death Is Not an Option, and winner of the Pushcart Prize.

What's the point of writing something just to make someone identify with you?

Author of the short story collection, Glowing in the Dark, and the novel, Surface Tension.

The truth is that we are conglomerations of the number of fictions that sustain us from moment to moment.

Author of Understories, and winner of Raymond Carver Short Story Award for “The Understory.”

Who gives a shit about the winners?

Author of Middle Men: Stories, out Feb. 19. 

When a Western author writes, he doesn’t lose sleep over whether his work would be intelligible outside the boundaries of Europe.

Professor Emeritus of Urdu Literature and Islamic Studies, avid translator, editor of numerous Urdu short story volumes, including Do You Suppose it’s the East Wind? Stories from Pakistan.

I appreciate the integration of video and interactive maps into storytelling, but what an unexhaustible technology we have in the sentence.

Author of The Slide, with short fiction appearing in Pank, Five Chapters, Juked, and more

Lately all of Clarice Lispector’s narrators have been killing me.

Author of Something in My Eye: Stories, winner of Mary McCarthy Prize in Short Fiction

The mystery and tension is created in the stories by only allowing a reader to know what the character knows and nothing more.

Author of short story collection, Volt, and 2012 Whiting winner in Fiction.

As much as we rant about shrinking attention span, we still crave immersion. Even TV series have been arcing, more and more, toward the epic.

Author of novel The Borrower and several short stories, four of which have been anthologized in the Best American Short Stories series.

I'm still working off the instructions given to me at fifteen by my seventeen year old fiction editor, who simply said, “The one rule is something's got to happen.”

Editor and author, The Minus Times 

That a writer can go through all the necessary stages of discovery, change, and even, to some extent, resolution, in so tight a space is daunting and miraculous.

Author of Thinner than SkinThe Geometry of God, and more.

You have five senses, but you shouldn’t turn on all of them at once. Good short story writers know when to put on the blinders.

Author of The Unknown Knowns.

A short story offers a stark contrast to our baggy and meaningless lives which ramble on.

Author of Legend of a Suicide, Caribou Island, Last Day On Earth: A Portrait of the NIU School Shooter, and Dirt

In a short story, there is a world and a history to the characters that a reader must imagine, must create and, in a way, write for themselves.

Author of The Bradbury Chronicles and Listen to the Echoes: The Ray Bradbury Interviews. Editor of Shadow Show: All-New Stories in Celebration of Ray Bradbury

You tell people ‘Yes, I did translate this into English from my native Indian language’ because you don’t want to disappoint them.

Author of short story collection, Insects Are Just Like You and Me Except Some of Them Have Wings 

I love the power of the form, how so much can be expressed in so small a space. 

Author of Ayiti, and co-editor at PANK Magazine.

I’m not sure what most writers’ goals are when writing long fiction – to make money, apparently, and avoid expressing anything original or interesting.

Author of story collections Smithereens, Toxicology, and more.

If short stories are overlooked by book-buyers in favor of novelists, it's because the marketing for short stories is less aggressive. 

Author of Tilled Earth: Stories, Forget Kathmandu, and several others.

You can experience an entire world in a short story that takes you fifteen minutes to read. Pretty great.

Author of Daniel Fights a Hurricane, Light Boxes, I Will Unfold You with My Hairy Hands, and others.