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The Short Form

“A Brief History of Fire”

Jennifer Vanderbes


In winter, halfway to the hospital in Little Rock, Emily Anne Lambert was born.

The first months were like a fever dream; days slid into the swirl of night; my body was her captive. At the slightest cry from across the room, milk rushed my breasts. She latched on to me, gasping, in a fit of madness, then drank greedily; afterwards, conquered, spellbound, I gazed at her red–lipped face. Leaning in to smell her breath – sweet and sour – I'd press my mouth to hers.

My happiness was so deep I was afraid to speak of it.

Luke offered to watch her so that I could leave the house and glimpse the real world, but I refused. I wrapped us in blankets and in the grey afternoon light she nursed on the porch; day after day we watched the winter days slowly lengthen, until, in March, I put her in the car seat for the first time and we went for groceries.

We read it in Granta 122: Betrayal.