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The Short Form

“AIYO!!! An Evil Group of Ninjas is Entering and Destroying a Call Centre!!!”

Tom Cho


Blood everywhere!!! Die-lah! So much weapons, killing here, killing there! The call centre operators are getting cut up by ninja swords, left, right, and centre! The ninjas are throwing so many throwing stars into the team leaders’ eyes-lah... they must be professional killers-man!

Aiyo! Hear the dying fellas screaming! Call centre targets, sure cannot reach-one today!

The ninjas now got big tanks and big weapons to destroy everything! Alamak! Look out, young lady — get away from your workstation! Aiyah, a missile langgar her!!! Wasted! She so pretty-lah!

We read it in Look Who's Morphing.

Originally published in Going Down Swinging #22.

A performance of the full story is available here.