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The Short Form

“An Irrevocable Diameter”

Grace Paley


On the first floor the system was in working order, absolutely perfect and guaranteed. Upstairs, under a low unfinished ceiling, that Cindy lay in the deadest center of an August day. Her forehead was damp, mouth slightly open between drags, a furious and sweaty face, hardly made up except around the eyes, but certainly cared for, cheeks scrubbed and eyebrows brushed, a lifetime's deposit of vitamins, the shiny daughter of cash in the bank.

“Aren't you hot?” I inquired.

“Boiling,” she said.

“Why stay up here?” I asked like a good joe.

“That's my business,” she said.

“Ah come on, little one,” I said, “don't be grouchy.”

“What's it to you?” she asked.

I took her cigarette and killed it between forefinger and thumb. Then she looked at me and saw me for what I was, not an ordinary union brother but a perfectly comfortable way to spend five minutes.

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