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The Short Form

“Apple Snow Alone”

Margaret Patton Chapman


“We are starving,” said the wolves as Tiny was leaving her trashcan one morning to gather apple snow. “We are sorry, but if we do not eat you we will die.”

“If you eat me I will die,” said Tiny.

“But there are two of us and one of you.”   

“But what will you do when I am all eaten up?”

“We will go back to eating apple snow.”

“There will be no more apple snow when I am eaten,” said Tiny. “It comes from my tears.”

“God damn it!” cried the wolves. “Is there no way we can win?”

“No,” said Tiny. “I'm sorry.”

“Then what is the point?” asked one wolf to the other.

“There is no point,” said the other wolf. They were both crying huge wolf tears over the futility of life in such a broken-down place, tears that fed no one.

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