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The Short Form

“As Fate Would Have It”

Lee K. Abbott


She—your dream girl, your angel, nothing whatsoever like your ex-wife—should be close-pored and deep-socketed, her skin like mayonnaise. With a handshake implying, even in costume, that she could brench-press you to the ceiling, she should have beautiful hands—you’ve always liked women with nails too long to be practical in the real world. Without the tee-hee-hee and the annoying trail of dream dust, she should be Tinkerbelle, her outfit the choice of her girlfriend Roxanne, who will turn out to be the tall redhead in the gold lamé swimsuit with the banner reading MISS CONGENIALITY across the bosom. They’re starlets, Roxanne and your true love, Sandi. They’ve been in commercials, industrial videos, even a feature at Paramount—which is good to hear because, as fate would have it, you’re in the business too.

We read it in All Things, All at Once.