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The Short Form

“Cash to a Killing”

Manuel Gonzales


I'd heard that if you hit a man in the nose hard enough, you can kill him instantly, and so I tried that first off because I like Roger and didn't want him to suffer. I'll tell you now that it doesn't work or I wasn't doing it right, but as fast as he was coming and as much as my hand hurt afterward, I figure I hit him damn hard enough. He hardly flinched, though, mad as he was, and knocked me flat on my back, lunging right after me, as if to jump on top of me, maybe to gouge my eyes out or strangle me, but I rolled out of the way, figuring, too, that trying to strangle the life out of me would be his next logical move, and when he landed on his face in the dirt, I scrambled to my feet and grabbed the shovel and hit him good this time.

We read it in The Miniature Wife.