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The Short Form

“Cassandra’s Hands”

Kim Westwood


Behind the opaque glass door of Walenski’s Clocks & Watches, Andrei is waiting for the sky to go dark. He doesn’t like to remember the Saturday morning he’d woken to complete silence, every timepiece in his workshop stilled. He knew something bad was going to happen. Despite — or perhaps because of — his premonition, his wife Lena went out to get groceries.

When the terrible cracking and graunching had stopped, Andrei couldn’t open his eyes. A fine grey cement powder had settled on everything, including his eyelids. As he crouched among the tipped-over tallboys and smashed display cabinets, he heard the clocks begin to tick again. Tears welled up and out, tracking through the dust on his face and unsticking his eyelids.

We read it in Escape.

Originally published in Eidolon I.