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The Short Form

“For Guayama”

Luis Negrón



It's the second time I've come to your house to leave you a note and I can't find you. And on top of that, here's the note I left you yesterday. Nene, come on, call me or come by the house because I need that money urgently. Not for me but for Guayama, the doctor is pressuring me because she's suffering too much. The people who do the embalming are ready to take her but I need the money to send her little body over. It's really expensive. I'm so desperate I called Héctor, who as you know I haven't spoken to for over a year ever since he called me a pimp right in front of my sister, to ask him to lend me the money to tide me over until you paid me. A lot of good it did me to humiliate myself: that queen told me I was crazy, that it's the sort of thing only sick people do, which is why he stopped talking to me in the first place, and twenty thousand other things I won't even mention. That's why I need the money urgently. Call me, please. 

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