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The Short Form

“Head Meld”

Sarah Rose Etter


Afraid you would smell my wakening breath, I pulled back only to find there was no way to pull and we were stuck and that’s when your eyes opened and then cursing.

“What —-” you started and then some tender “fucks” and “holy shit” and here’s the short of it, our heads had melded and I was not upset or cursing, just staring at us because now something had been done about all our messy hearts and sex and here was an answer, closure, finality, a thing bigger than my breasts or your mouth or your pills or our mothers.

Your anger gave way to logic and it was “We’re going to the doctor” and me nodding us both and then us learning how to move again, together, as a beast or a team.

“Slow” you said and I opened myself up to tender learn, mirror matching your motions trying not to strain our head bridge.

We read it in Dark Sky Magazine.