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The Short Form


Paulino Lim


“What if the past reminds you of oppression?” I ventured an opinion.

“The more reason you should not forget, why you should not change the old Spanish and American place names to those of Filipinos.”

“I think you're talking about a different kind of memory. And it's not history or tradition.”

My brother looked at me, surprised. “What do you mean?”

“You are locked in your own nostalgia of what Azcarraga meant for you, a street where you searched for books when you were a student here. It's a special kind of memory, but very personal and distorted. A place name is a tradition, something that continues into the present, like a town fiesta. Tradition is memory kept alive. Nostalgia is frozen in time.”

My brother smiled. “Is that what you teach your high school students?”

“No, Brother, I teach them English.”