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The Short Form

“Man at Wall, Attempting A Certain Chore”

Bob Comenole


After three days my supervisor sent along Carlisle to check in on me. When he saw what I was working at, he offered to hold the nail while I tapped. “We'll have it in, then I'll bring you back to work.” He held, I tapped, but still it did not go.

We labored until finally I insisted that he return to the office.

The next day Carlisle showed up with the supervisor. He did not hold my absence against me. Rather, he inquired on my progress. I showed him the barrels. When they were filled*, the two men rolled them onto the freight elevator. I live on the 3rd floor of an old warehouse. Up they came with empty barrels. The following day my supervisor arrived with a small detail that installed desks and cabinets in the far end of my apartment where the morning sun slants in. By noon the whole staff was busy. I pounded the nail, and it would not go.

*refers to discarded nails mentioned earlier in the story

We read it in The Cafe Irreal: Issue 18.