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The Short Form


Juan Villoro


“For her age, Brenda has a pretty figure, don’t you think?” Cata remarked. “I’ll have to check it out next time,” I replied.

I had already noticed. Catalina thought that Brenda was old. “Pretty figure” is her way of praising a nun for being thin.

I only like movies about spaceships and children who lose their parents. I didn’t want to meet a gay genius who was in love with a mariachi who, unfortunately, was me. Actually, I was only handed excerpts containing those scenes in which I would appear. “Woody Allen does the same thing,” Catalina explained. “The actors find out what the movie is about in the theater. It’s like life: you only see your scenes and you miss the bigger picture.” This last idea seemed so accurate that I suspected Brenda had shared it with her.