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The Short Form

“Meditations on Green”

Toh EnJoe


“What a cruel experiment.”

Some say. And maybe they're right. Yet, in my experiment, a group that would—under natural conditions—die off is allowed to thrive. I suppose there's no real difference between them and the fowl and livestock that have become so ubiquitous thanks to the flavor of their meat. And they're slaughtered in their prime. If you're going to read into the life of a paramecium, you'd better find similar meaning in the life of a chicken or a cow. Anyway, the success of a life can hardly be measured by length alone.

“Do you see any speculative movements?”

I cock my head in puzzlement. My interlocutor rephrases:

“Sorry. What I meant to ask is: do your short-lived paramecia display any speculative movements unobservable in normal paramecia?”

“Trying to reach enlightenment, for example?” I answer her question with another question, curling up the tail of the final word.

The room is enveloped in laughter. I have no idea what to make of it.

She and I are the only ones not laughing. 

We read it in Monkey Business Volume 02.