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The Short Form

“Mrs Schulz”

Alberto Calligaris


Honorable Mention, The Short Form Story Contest, Spring 2013

Full Story

Mrs Schulz said that if she had seen us again skateboarding on the roof of her house she would shoot and bury us in the back of the garden with all the other kids she had killed before. The next morning we went back onto the roof as usual. Mrs Schulz was a German widow on a wheelchair, so we couldn’t care less. People said that during the war she was signalling to Nazi submarines from that very roof, and someone pushed her. That morning she was shouting that she was going to get the gun when James, who was trying to make a Godzilla flip, skidded and fell from the roof into the rose bushes underneath. Everybody stopped. And then James started shouting I’ve found a skeleton! There’s a skeleton here!, holding a couple of bones in sign of victory, as if they were cricket stumps. We all ran away and called the police. It turned out that dead cats were the secret ingredient for her first prizes at the annual parish flower show. We agreed that as long as we kept her secret we could all skateboard on her roof while she was gardening with a sardine can.