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The Short Form

“My Brother Walter”

Samanta Schweblin


Some Saturdays my mother and Aunt Claris take him to the grown-up gatherings at the club, and Walter sits among the forty-something birthday girls, bachelor-party attendees, and newlyweds. Aunt Claris, who always looks for the esoteric in the simplest things, says that the more depressed Walter is, the happier everyone around him is. This is foolishness. What’s true is that, as of a few months ago, things have been improving for the family. My sister finally married Galdós, and at the party, at my brother’s table, among a group of people who drank champagne and wept with laughter, my mother met Mr. Kito, with whom she now lives. Mr. Kito has cancer, but he’s a man with a lot of energy. He’s always in a good mood and is very considerate of my mother. He owns a cereal factory, and is a childhood friend of Aunt Claris. Galdós and my sister bought a farm on the outskirts of the city, and we have gotten accustomed to spending the weekends there. My wife and I go for Walter first thing on Saturdays and by midday we are all at the farm, waiting for the grill with glasses of wine and that immense happiness that comes from sunny days spent outdoors.

We read it in A Public Space: 10.