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The Short Form

“Oh, Little So-And-SO”

Christian TeBordo


“That's not how you hitch a ride,” he says. “You hitch a ride like this.”

The man stretches out an arm, stretches out the thumb at the end of it, but he's standing in the middle of an intersection, and even if a driver were inclined to pick up a hitchhiker while driving smoothly if slowly through, the driver wouldn't know which direction the man hoped to go, and probably wouldn't take the trouble to find out.

Who knows what their inclinations are. No one is taking the trouble to find out.

“That's not how I hitch a ride,” says the little girl. “I hitch a ride like this.”

She puts the whistle back into her mouth, blows it at him, and begins to flap her arms like a marionette.

“Good luck,” says the man.

But he doesn't turn to leave.

The girl speaks around her whistle: “You got a car?” she says.


We read it in The Awful Possibilities.