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The Short Form

“Sharp Objects”

Victoria Larsson


My name is Camilla by the way. And as you've probably understood I've been taking care of Hugo. My sister doesn't even know his favorite color (green) and she doesn't know that he hates cheese. I've been making him ham sandwiches and feeding him soup. I've been pushing his wheelchair to the playground and I've been building him sand castles. I held him when he had to pee, aimed him, helped him piss away skid marks from the toilet bowl. I did all the things my sister said she'd do, all the things she was paid to do. I did them because I love Hugo. I remember the first time Hugo spoke to me. It must have been about three weeks after we first met. He told me that he liked me. It nearly took him twenty minutes to get the words out. He tried so hard, twisting his face into another, jerking his body, stuttering and then finally the words came out of his mouth, drenched in saliva: “I like you!” He smiled his tortured smile and then rolled his eyes into his head. It felt so good to know I had someone to share the summer with.

We read it in Open City: 18.