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The Short Form


Rosa Beltrán


Never had anyone been more beautiful: my lips, my cheeks, my hair—even the long necks that had come before me could not compete with me, according to Rex. Freud says that in any sexual relationship there are at least four people in the bed. In our case, there were at least twenty. Or thirty. Or that was what I thought at first. Little by little I came to realize that if all of Rex's ex-lovers had managed to squeeze themselves into our room, we would have had to leave for lack of space.

“Wouldn't it be a good thing for us to use a condom?” I suggested.

But Rex was categorical: “How would it have been for the Great Lovers of History to have been fiddling around with those obnoxious doodads?”

He immediately got out of bed, dressed, and went out the door, slamming it behind him.