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The Short Form


J.D. Salinger


“I'll qualify you, buddy, if you dont' get hte hell off that bag,” Mr. McArdle said. He had just lit a fresh cigarette. “I'm going to count three. Oneˆ, God damn it... Two...”

“What time is it?” Mrs. McArdle suddenly asked the back of Teddy's legs. “Don't you and Booper have a swimming lesson at ten-thirty?”

“We have time,” Teddy said. “—Vloom!” He suddenly thrust his whole head out of the porthole, kept it there a few seconds, then brought it in just long enough to report, “Someone just dumped a whole garbage can of orange peels out the window.”

“Out the window. out the window,” Mr. McArdle said sarcastically, flicking his ashes. “Out the porthole, buddy, out the porthole.”

We read it in Nine Stories.