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The Short Form

“The Apple Tree”



The Widow Etcheverrigaray took great pride in the splendid apple tree that grew on the boundary of her property, just beyond the plot of leeks that every year were the best in all the village; and her neighbor and lifelong rival, Madam Utuburu, drew no less gratification from the magnificent apple tree near the patch of piments that made her the envy of all growers of that sharp little green pepper. Unfortunately for the tranquility of our village, we are not speaking of two trees here but of one: a tree that grew exactly on the boundary between the two old women's land and was, by both law and tradition, their shared property. It was inevitable that the apples from this tree should lead to dispute, for such has been the melancholy role of that disruptive fruit since the Garden of Eden.

We read it in Hot Night in the City.

Originally published in The Antioch Review: Vol. 58, Issue 2.