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The Short Form

“The Need”

Frank Bill


Lungs burned and leaves crumbled beneath each step. Wayne's eyes adjusted to the night with the 30-30 strapped across his back, dodging standing trees. Jumping over the fallen trees. He heard sirens, dropped down behind a rotted tree trunk. Watched the red-orange wail of an ambulance and the blue-red screams of two cruisers following behind it, their lights strobing along the trees up Wyandotte Road.

Wayne's heart beat like a mule kicked, hard. He sat catching his breath, remembering the rapping of bone on his camper's door. Opening it to Brady, who stood out in Wayne's father's hay field, a can of Milwaukee's Best dripping cold in his hand. Wanted to go spotlighting, poach a few deer.

Wayne told him, “Sure.”

Brady asked, “Could yuh bring that 30-30? All I got packed is a .22.”