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The Short Form

“The Sorrows of Idiot Augustus”

Janusz Rudnicki


Powązki Cemetery then and that couple at the cemetery today. And our thirtieth anniversary, which is basically our twentieth. And maybe also because I've never gone anywhere else, since then. Those are the reasons I decided to leave. To leave! I was so excited about my decision that I couldn't fall asleep. I just started thinking about what to take; what's more, I actually got up to start a little list, so as not to forget anything. I wrote: Camera, Shulz, charger, don't forget!

And when I'd written that, I added up at the top: Taormina, but then I crossed this out and wrote: Trip to Sicily, but then I crossed that out and wrote: I am, as of recently, a teacher of Polish, though have now been given early retirement. And that's how this diary got started.