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The Short Form

“The Town Manager”

Thomas Ligotti


The following morning the trolley came tooting down Main Street for its first run of the day. However, it made no stops for those waiting along the sidewalk. “Look at this,” Leeman said to me as he stared out the front window of his barbershop. Then he went outside. I set my broom against a wall and joined him. Others were already standing on the street, watching the trolley until it finally came to rest at the other end of town. “There was no one at the switch,” said Leeman, an observation that a number of persons echoed. When it seemed that the trolley was not going to make a return trip, several of us walked down the street to investigate. When we entered the vehicle, we found the naked body of Carnes the trolley driver lying on the floor. He had been severly mutilated and was dead. Burned into his chest were the words: DUSTROY TROLY.

We read it in Weird Tales: 333.