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The Short Form

“To the Measures Fall”

Richard Powers


In one of the Wentworth biographies, you come across a photograph of a note to Wentworth from Sir Winston himself. The letter’s signature vaguely resembles the inked scrawl that you’ve never paid attention to, on the inside front cover of your copy, underneath the pencilled price that now fills you with shame. The signature in the reproduced note reads “Winnie.” The drooping, obscured squiggle in your copy looks more like “Hump-hump Clunluch.”

You are insane, of course. Hallucinating from over-research. There is no way on any likely earth that a book belonging to one of the century’s most famous personages could end up in a junk shop in the Cotswolds. Winston, Churchill, Nobel Laureate in Literature, wasn’t about to write his name in his bloody books. If found, please return to House of Commons, London.