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The Short Form

“True Friendship”

Jorge F. Hernández


Truth be told, Sam Weinstein's life is as normal as any and his biography—plain and simple—takes place within the confines of convention, except for the recurring occasions involving Bill Burton, notably those times Sam tripped over his tongue trying to justify the significant and constant absence of his beloved friend, always calling upon his motto, “You may still think true friendship is a lie. But then, you've never met Bill Burton.” Samuel Weinstein was born in New York, in October 1926, to a Jewish family, second-generation Lithuanian-Albanian immigrants. Their small fortune was due to his parents' hard work and tenacity rather than to a comfortable inheritance or fiduciary abuse that afforded other friends and family such economic security. Sam was the first-born son of Baruj Weinstein and Sarah Elbasan, both of whom passed through Ellis Island along with their respective families at almost the same time. According to some old sepia photographs, Sarah was still a babe in her mother's arms, while Baruj had already started walking by the time he got off the boat.