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The Short Form

“Welcome to Someplace Like Piscataway”

Robert Lopez


My sister is one of those who has answers for everything. This might be one reason I have a hard time recognizing her. I can hardly understand questions myself, let alone the answers, which is probably why we don't talk to each other much. I think my sister is a social worker and I seem to remember her saying she worked in a hospital. I don't think she is a doctor or a nurse, though. I've never seen her in one of those coats and I'd like to think if she were a doctor or nurse I'd know this about her. There's only so much you can keep from anyone, let alone family. I do know that she's never been married and I'm pretty sure she's a virgin. You walk around her house and you know no one ever has sex here. Her house is like a museum is why, every piece of furniture from some bygone era, everything shiny and gleaming and too clean for anyone's good. She can talk about her house for an hour straight without taking a breath, going on about where she found that loveseat, what she paid for the sconces, what book gave her the inspiration for the new chandeliers. I try to nod and ask questions during theses, lectures, but I feel like an idiot. I'm not sure why she turned out this way. Our parents didn't keep house like this, never paid attention to how anything looked. Maybe that's why, maybe it's the apple falling forty-eight miles from the tree.