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The Short Form


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“I Want This Always”Jon Steinhagen
“Modern Girls”Teju Cole
“The Hudson River School”David SearcyRecommended by
Phil Klay
“Smile, There Are IEDs Everywhere”Jacob SiegelRecommended by
Phil Klay
“All of Me”Manuel Gonzales
“Nawab Sahib”Banaphool
“Foxy”Siân Melangell Dafydd
“The One-Eyed TV”Mushin al-Ramli
“Not Here to Fake Friends”Gabe Durham
“Smoke”Giovanna Rivero
“Cash to a Killing”Manuel Gonzales
“All She Had”Jessica Richardson
“Dot or Feather”Nina McConigley
“A Brief History of Fire”Jennifer Vanderbes
“Illuminati”Jim Gavin
“The Hot War”Tom PaineRecommended by
Laura van den Berg
“A Nairobi Story of Comings and Goings”A. Igoni Barrett
“Everything Good That I Know I Learned from Women”Tryno Maldonado
“Mrs Schulz”Alberto Calligaris
“After Action Report”Phil Klay
“Head Meld”Sarah Rose EtterRecommended by
Gabe Durham
“The Woman at the Tree”Gabe Durham
“Stars”Thomas McGuane
“Flugdatenschreiber”Kim Aeran
“My Volcano”Carmen Petaccio
“The Limbs of Osiris”Brian Patrick Eha
“Whatever Happened to DB Cooper”Thomas Batten
“For Guayama”Luis Negrón
“Quotient”Nicole Haroutunian
“Sunday: A Song Cycle”Kate Petersen
“The Vampire of Moca”Luis Negrón
“Beer Trip to Llandudno”Kevin Barry
“Driver”Taiye Selasi
“My Weight”Kim Henderson
“Point 121”Mia Alvarado
“The Missing Year of Juan Salvatierra”Pedro MairalRecommended by
Founding Editors of the Buenos Aires Review
“Black Ball”Mario BellatinRecommended by
Founding Editors of the Buenos Aires Review
“1997”Liliana ColanziRecommended by
Founding Editors of the Buenos Aires Review
“Bestiary”Aaron ThierRecommended by
Founding Editors of the Buenos Aires Review
“The Pizarro Sisters”Juan ÁlvarezRecommended by
Founding Editors of the Buenos Aires Review
“Welcome to Someplace Like Piscataway”Robert Lopez
“Apple Snow Alone”Margaret Patton Chapman
“Me and My Sacred Cow”Tania Malyarchuk
“The Fan Explodes before We Go to Chicago”Lex SonneRecommended by
Lindsay Hunter
“Miss Lora”Junot DiazRecommended by
Luis Negrón
“Clear Over Target, the Whole Town in Flames”Fiona Maazel
“Found”Sallie Bingham
“A Brief History of Time”Xu Zechen
“The Victim's Body”Mike MeginnisRecommended by
Lindsay Hunter
“Rodent Sounds”Amy ButcherRecommended by
Lindsay Hunter
“Saturday”Kara VernorRecommended by
Lindsay Hunter
“Sins of the Wolf”Lasha Bugadze
“Not Right at All”Jeffrey Rotter
“American Tall Tale”Steven Millhauser
“The Shadows Behind the Trees”Sam Weller
“Shambhala”Marie MunkaraRecommended by
Jennifer Mills
“Titty Anne and the Very, Very Hairy Man”Margo LanaganRecommended by
Jennifer Mills
“Rondine Al Nido”Claire Vaye WatkinsRecommended by
Roxane Gay
“The Innovative Trapeze Artist”Ana María Shua
“Bewildered Decisions in Times of Mercantile Terror”Jim GavinRecommended by
Roxane Gay
“Jackpot (II)”Trinie DaltonRecommended by
Mike Young
“Don Johnson Is Not Your Man”Kara VernorRecommended by
Lindsay Hunter
“Sarah Palin Night”Agustín Fernández Mallo
“Meditations on Green”Toh EnJoe
“Greenland”Patrick Somerville
“Nemecia”Kirstin Valdez QuadeRecommended by
Nina McConigley
“Urban Planning: Case Study Number One”Tim Horvath
“Born Again”Leah Bailly
“Winter Haven, Florida, 1984”Elizabeth EllenRecommended by
Gabe Durham
“Tosca”Stuart Dybek
“Quail Haven, 1989”Andrew Malan Milward
“The Greatest Escape”Laura van den Berg
“As Above, So Below”Rudy RuckerRecommended by
Steve Aylett
“An Arrangement of Light”Nicole Krauss